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Cyril Kornbluth put himself in the a story twice in the first paragraph. He had a bunch of fantasy stories published under his pen name Cecil Corwin. Then, his short story "MS Found in a Chinese Fortune Cookie" had Cecil Corwin as the protagonist sending out the manuscript in the title, which was mailed to C. M. Kornbluth:

Originally Posted by Cecil Corwin/Cyril Kornbluth
They say I am mad, but I am not mad—damn it, I've written and sold two million words of fiction and I know better than to start a story like that, but this isn't a story and they do say I'm mad—catatonic schizophrenia with assaultive episodes—and I'm not. [This is clearly the first of the Corwin Papers. Like all the others it is written on a Riz-La cigarette paper with a ball point pen. Like all the others it is headed: Urgent. Finder please send to C. M. Kornbluth, Wantagh, N.Y. Reward! I might comment that this is typical of Corwin's generosity with his friends' time and money, though his attitude is at least this once justified by his desperate plight. As his longtime friend and, indeed, literary executor, I was clearly the person to turn to. CMK]
Korbluth had given up the Corwin pen name ten years earlier; the story explains why Corwin hadn't published in awhile.

John Barth included himself as one of the characters of his tour de force, LETTERS (Not by name, but one of the characters is the author of LETTERS). Most of the characters in the book were from his earlier novels.
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