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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Again, the comparison isn't between normal men and John Holmes. It's between our closest relatives among the great apes and normal men. Compared to chimpanzees or gorillas, the human penis is, in fact, huge. It's not as huge as a baguette, but that's not what we're talking about.
You can say that again; the average gorilla penis is 3-cm. In their book Sex at Dawn, Ryan and Jethá posit that while gorillas' competition is external -- a male gorilla fights other males to keep them away from his harem, humans' is internal. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors shared sexual resources as they shared everything else.
Originally Posted by wiki
They think that much of evolutionary psychology has been conducted with a bias regarding human sexuality. The authors argue that the public and many researchers are guilty of the "Flintstonization" of hunter-gatherer society; that is to say projecting modern assumptions and beliefs onto earlier societies. Thus they think that there has been a bias to assuming that our species is primarily monogamous despite what they argue to be evidence to the contrary. They argue for example, that our sexual dimorphism, testicle size, female copulatory vocalization, appetite for sexual novelty, various cultural practices, and hidden female ovulation, among other factors strongly suggest a non-monogamous, non-polygynous history. The authors argue that mate selection was not the subject of much intragroup competition among pre-agricultural humans, as sex was neither scarce nor commodified; rather sperm competition was a more important paternity factor than sexual selection.
They assert that the human penis is uniquely shaped the way it is so that it can go deep and scoop out their rivals' semen. This would point to a weak selection for large dicks unrelated to women's preferences.