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Originally Posted by Peter Morris View Post
I'll have 50 bones soon. Any recommendations which imp-ort I should buy?

I'm thinking the 0.3 percent production speed is the most useful.

What does "45 seconds of production" actually do? How much production in that time?
Whipimps first, followed closely by Tauntimps. Extra population is very very nice, it in effect gives production and breeding speed directly and allows more coordination buys as you become population limited for that. Venimps are also nice but a tier down in my opinion, those three are what I've bought so far. I will probably buy Magnimps next.

45 seconds of production is pretty much what it says, as I understand it. If it randomly selects metal, for example, and your current production is 10k metal/sec, then 45 x 10k = 450k metal will appear in your inventory immediately. Then it's over until you kill another Jestimp.