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Originally Posted by watchwolf49 View Post
I don't know, a lizard weights a few ounces, them big paddle feet need only generate a few ounces of lift. Humans with stubs on the end of their legs need to produce well over a hundred pounds of lift. There would be a little lift, very little.

So, let's look at the OP from the other direction. If we had no lift from the footfalls, then a human would have to be traveling at around 17,000 mph to run across the water. However, with a little lift then the human could travel a little slower, say 16,975 mph. That's as close to a ballistic trajectory as to make no difference.
Where are you getting those numbers from?

It's possible to waterski barefoot at survivable velocities. I realise waterskiing is a different thing from running on water, but waterskiing *is* about lift generated from the interaction of human feet and the surface of the water - and is possible at speeds that are several orders of magnitude smaller than you're talking about.

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