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Originally Posted by Deeg View Post
Yes, we've discussed this. Fox appears to be heavily biased against AGW which is your cause célèbre. However in other areas (like reporting on presidential elections) they appear to be less biased. That, in my book, makes them no more biased overall.
Calling it my cause célèbre does not change the fact that FOX has orders for their minions reporters to misinform their viewers. There is still a big difference between bias and deception.

You are even ignorant on what I have a beef with FOX, the record on the SDMB shows that a lot of the issues started with the "Moon Hoax" show that FOX aired that misled many people and posters. (If you think it was just their entertainment division who did that, a few years ago Gerardo in a FOX interview still made a reference to it and not to disparage that conspiracy theory, it still remains a useful one to discredit a successful government program)

Also what Karrius pointed out supports what I also said about other factual things being misrepresented by FOX.

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