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Originally Posted by tomndebb View Post
I am no fan of Fox, but that hardly makes your point.
The quote is from a defense attorney, (whether of one of the two boys involved is not stated), and the Fox News host immediately jumps on his claim as bullshit. For once, someone in Fox News was acting responsibly.
You invite someone on your show as a guest, maybe their opinions are not necessarily the same as yours but it does reflect on you.

It's one thing for someone who is somewhat newsworthy to have repugnant views and give them a forum for them. A politician comes on and says something crazy, well, that person was there for a reason. You have someone involved with a news story on your show and everyone knows why they are there.

But who the fuck was this guy? He wasn't someone who was a part of a news story. He wasn't a witness to something that was newsworthy.

He was just a guy, their "expert" (as Jon Stewart famously said "Who the fuck is that guy?"). There are a hundred more qualified people to have on as a guest. So who do they choose? Some sleazy guy who says crap like this.

It's even better this way. They can have someone provide "expert analysis" yet still distance themselves as if they are above the fray. And they invite him back, again and again.