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1. Real
2. Male
3. Last name starts with W
4. Dead
5. Not American
6. Not political/military
7. Died before 1950
8. Lived most of his life in the 19th Century
9. Born after 1800
10. Not a painter or other visual artist
11. A prolific writer, but best known for the subject of his writings rather than the writings themselves
12. European
13. Born before 1840
14. British
15. Not best known for any one piece of writing but for his ideas
16. He received top honors for his ideas, but not any one piece of writing
17. Known for writings on a scientific subject
18. Born in Wales, died in Dorset, England
19. Never knighted
20. Died after 1900
21. Wrote about biology

And that's 20+. I'll answer DLR's IQ's, but everyone please have your final DQ's asked by noon EDT tomorrow.