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Originally Posted by Intergalactic Gladiator View Post
At least at our house it does. Every spring, one particular column of the front porch sprouts grass and twigs. Nest making is a pretty cool process -- it's also a very messy one.

When we moved in a few years ago, my wife and I didn't mind so much. The daughter was 4 years old and it was kind of neat showing her the miracle of life. So that was kind of cool.

A month or so later, those robins grew up and the family left the nest. It was then taken over by another robin that had a penchant for dive bombing anyone who got too close. Me, my family, the neighbors, the mailman... we all found ourselves in its sights and I can't tell you the frustration of shaking my fist in impotent rage at a robin. A robin!

Yet there I was, shaking frantically yelling things like "I'm bigger than you!" and "I have opposable thumbs!" at a bird. A bird. Of course that did not deter this mad creature.

So I knocked the nest down that fall. When the first robin returned the next spring and began building a new one, I knocked that construction job down as well and swept all the grass and building material away.

It's spring again (at least sometimes it feels like it) and the bird is making the nest once more and I am knocking it down once more. Seriously, I like bird nests, what's wrong with making it in a tree though?

So my questions are:

1. Is this robin ever going to figure out that it should just build somewhere else?

2. Am I "damaging" this bird's spring ritual if it can't build its nest on the column of my front porch and will it just refuse to build a nest and lay eggs anywhere else?
It's a small detail, but it bothers me. This does not sound like Robin behavior. Are you sure it is Robins? Sounds like barn swallows to me.