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I also live in Chicago, have you noticed a big increase in robins in the last few years? In my part of Chicago, not only do we have a lot more, we have a lot of robins that don't fly South either.

I found that robins can be stupid. When I was a kid, we had a tree and it had a weird branch that was about 3 feet off the ground. The rest of the tree didn't start to branch out till it was really tall.

Anyway this dumb robin built it's nest in the tree in the LOW branch right by the ground. In the robin's defense it was by the garden with lots of bugs and earthworms. But we had a cat AND dog who could easily reach the nest.

My mum was like "If the robin was stupid enough to build the nest there, let the robin DEAL with the cat and dog." Well being a kid the thought of the baby robins getting eaten was horrifying so I guarded the nest for a month from the cat and dog. But the robin was VERY aggressive toward me and the dog and cat. The next year the stupid robin (or one like it) built its nest in the same place. Again I took up guard duty.

Then the third year Mrs Robin started building her nest AGAIN in that spot, by this time the novelty wore off so I kept knocking the nest down. She got the idea and went away. Then I sawed off the low branch.

Robins can be aggressive when it comes to nests.