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Warday was a novel set in an America that had survived a limited nuclear war. The two authors, James Kunetka and Whitley Strieber, wrote the book as if it was non-fiction, with the two of them writing in the first person about the experiences traveling around America.

Robert Anton Wilson inserted himself as a minor character in his Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy.

Trevanian made a reference to his real identity in The Eiger Sanction.

An unusual case was the Badge of Honor series. William Butterworth is a prolific author who writes under a variety of pseudonyms. In the early eighties, he had become well known for his Brotherhood of War series, which he wrote under the name W.E.B. Griffin. In 1988, Men in Blue a novel by John Kevin Dugan was published. It was the first book in a new series, Badge of Honor. Like many books, Men in Blue was publicized by a favorable blurb on its cover from an established author, in this case W.E.B. Griffin. What makes this blurb unusual is that John Kevin Dugan was another pseudonym being used by Butterworth - he was offering a recommendation for his own book.

This type of self-reference really has no effect to my enjoyment of a novel.