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Glen Duncan's I, Lucifer is a good example of this trope. The protagonist is a suicidal writer by the name of Declan Gunn (which is an anagram of Glen Duncan) whose suicide is interrupted by God in order to provide Lucifer a chance at redemption - Lucifer is given Gunn's body for a month and tasked with living as a human and without sin for a month. Of course he does not, and his musings on biblical history are a running commentary throughout his fleshly revels. Some of it is funny, some thoughtful, but overall I don't think it works particularly well - I didn't like it as much as I liked Duncan's other genre novel (The Last Werewolf).

I've no idea if Glen Duncan himself is or was suicidal, or how much of Gunn's life as described mirrors Duncan's, so that bit of trivia just didn't affect my outlook on the story.