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Originally Posted by mixdenny View Post
We had the vibrating football game and played it a lot. It was a bit chaotic but that was half the fun. Never did have much use for the passer, though.
I had one of those. Chaotic is being generous. I could never get the passer/kicker to throw or kick the ball a distance shorter than 2-3 filed lengths. That made completing a pass impossible. You could kick a field goal with is, but the ball was so high it was very difficult to see if the kick was good.

I did however find a way to put the passer to good use. The rule was you could hold the passer and pull it back (as if the passer was dropping back to pass) then wait for your opportunity to pass. I'd just hold it there until all the defensive men had vibrated their way to the side lines then let it go to run. It was like an extreme quarterback draw. With the field essentially empty, the QB made a long gain, often a touchdown.

Of course that strategy once used was all too obvious for the other team to adopt.