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Originally Posted by blondebear View Post
My all-time favorite was the Whoosh! compressed-air powered jet/glider. From the Sears catalog, it was a little to fragile and a little too prone to ending up on somebody's roof. But what a blast it was to launch it skyward and chase it down as it glided off to who knew where.
I was having a hard time thinking of any really memorable toys from my childhood (though I can think of many from my son's childhood!) but that reminds me of a compressed air and water rocket that I had. That was really cool, and was a great toy out at the cottage where there were lots of big empty fields.

You poured a measured amount of water into this transparent red plastic rocket, depending on how high/far you wanted it to fly. Then you attached it to an air pump, pumped it up, and pulled the trigger. That thing could soar to amazing heights!