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Originally Posted by pkbites View Post
Plastic Army Men. Loved playing with them things. Blew the shit out of them with fire crackers! Would stage time travel battles between them and the plastic cowboys and indians set I had. Got a huge set for something like 2 bucks out of a comic book. Took 4 freaking months for delivery. Mail order shit took forever back then.
I (or my mom) only ever sent off for three things in the mail. The first was a Batman rubber stamp kit. It was from the back of a cereal box. It was smaller than I thought and my dad had to get some ink for it since its ink pad was dried out. The next was Sea Monkeys! It seemed like they took forever to arrive, but they did sort of work. Reading the Johnson Smith catalog that came with it was worth the dollar!

The last thing was a camera I got from saving up Bazooka Bubble gum comics. A little known shortcut was to buy the nickel Bazookas. They had bigger comics that were worth ten comics each. The camera was so small it took twice the exposures on a regular roll of 120 film. I never used it.

Looking back at things, I wonder why my parents were always so keen to get rid of all of my cool toys once I quit using them regularly. I remember them asking if they could give away or throw out some of them, but most of the good ones just disappeared over the years. Oh, well.