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Originally Posted by california jobcase View Post
It seemed like they took forever to arrive

It seems that everything mail order took forever to arrive back in the day. Even from the JcPenny catalog.

When I was in 3rd grade I sent in my Bazooka comics for a "space radio phone". That was in the spring of that year. When they arrived I was already in the 4th grade, I kid you not.

And all they were was 2 metal discs and some string, like when you used tin cans to make a telephone. Don't know what I actually expected to get for nothing, but still, I was so pissed!

Tonka Trucks! I had about 20 of them, the good ones made out of steel! I even had the firetruck that hooked up to the garden hose and squirted real water via a hydrant and cherry picker. They were awesome!