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One that has a lot of nostalgia for me: It was a sort of diorama of a plastic tree in a forest, with cartoony animals in the tree, and a puck with a sticker of a nut on it. You'd push one button, and the raccoon would swat it with his paw, launching it up to the next branch, and then the squirrel would flick it with his tail with another button, until it got to the top, where it'd go into a hole in the tree and fall out the bottom again (flipped over, with a different nut-picture on the other side).

OK, on its own merits, it was maybe entertaining to a 3-year-old, but nothing too special. What made it special to me was that I noticed the screws at the back, that could be used to take it apart, and see all the pieces inside that made it work, and then put it back together again.