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Originally Posted by burpo the wonder mutt View Post
We had Major Matt Mason (and his bazillion accessories) was an awesome space toy. The creators put a lot of thought and ingenuity into it. I still have one of the 4 D-cell powered tank-like vehicles. In the original box.
I remember getting a Major Matt Mason flexible action figure one Christmas when I was a wee lad. This same Christmas my brother got a Billy Blastoff with battery-powered lunar vehicle accessories. I was soooo jealous. What could the good Major do but strike a pose? Billy, by contrast, could tool around in his cool lunar rover. But I've gotten over it. Really, I have. I don't think my parents loved my brother more than me. I mean, it was probably just an innocent oversight on their part getting me MMM without accessories, and my undeserving older brother getting BB with accessories.

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