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Originally Posted by brickbacon View Post
Do you think both Jenn and Chris are lying too?
I'm not concerned about Chris. If I remember correctly, he's recounting what Jay told him, and it's much later. He could be wrong about when Jay told him the story. Maybe it was after the police had already talked to Jay.

Jen, however, does bother me. Jen is probably the biggest problem of all. Forget the Nisha call. Forget the cell records. Those can be explained away if Jay is making his story up wholesale (or even if he isn't). But I can't see why Jen would lie to the police, especially that early in the investigation. And there's obviously no reason for Jay to tell her what he did on the 13th, if he wasn't involved with the murder. He wouldn't yet know that there was a murder to make up stories about. So, yeah. For any hypothetical scenario where neither Adnan or Jay are involved, Jen is the show stopper.