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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
Here's one from last night which I got wrong

Partner holds

S: Kx
H: AQTxx

I hold

S: QJTxx
H: Kxx
D: AJx
C: xx

Partner opened 2H (strong), I responded 2S, he then rebid 2NT, and I was somewhat flummoxed by this and bid 4H. He made 11 tricks, letting an opponent get a ruff. I'm thinking that my partner should have opened 2C or 2NT, not 2H as 2H indicates an unbalanced hand.
I agree with you that your partner's hand looks like a 2NT opener (20-22), or 2C if he does have Qc instead of the J (23 HCPs). I assume he intended his rebid of 2NT to show that he was fairly balanced but with H as his longest suit. Unless I thought it would totally confuse the situation, I think I would have attempted a cue bid of 3D over this (as I always play change of suit as 100% forcing for one round - and in this case it would obviously be forcing to game anyway), showing I had a first round control in diamonds but not clubs. Partner can then deduce he has no losers in clubs or diamonds and use Blackwood/Gerber/RKCB (or whatever you have agreed) to find out that you do not have the spade Ace (as he already knows you have the diamond Ace - unless your cue bid was to show a diamond void, which is unlikely) but you do have the heart King. If I were him I think I'd try 6NT, which seems to make comfortably.

Any gaps in the above analysis?

Originally Posted by Biotop View Post
My partner would have left a double in for penalty. So I don't know what to bid. But here is what really happened:

Partner had:

S: Kxxx
H: x
D: Q, J, xxxx
C: xx

But partner had his heart mixed in with his diamonds! He bid 3 Diamonds to open. RHO bids 4 hearts. I look at my hand and 5 diamonds seems a sure bid with partners supposed 7 Diamonds, so I bid 5 diamonds. The other guys bid 5 hearts. I think one of them must be void in diamonds, so a double is too risky. I bid 6 Diamonds. It is passed out and partner, already apoplectic at my "overbidding" suddenly sees he only has 6 Diamonds in his hand not 7.

The hand makes 7 Diamonds cold. A top board for us as most everyone else defended a heart game.
Nice when an error leads to a top (and it looks like you bidded well) - I'm sure in my case that would be more than cancelled out by my many other errors that lead to bottoms!