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Originally Posted by mhendo View Post
Right, but that doesn't really negate Bricker's point.

He simply noted that the dossier was "prepared by a foreign citizen and used by the Clinton campaign against Trump," which is true, even if the dossier was not originally prepared for the Clinton campaign.

I haven't seen the arguments that he's referring to, where some Dopers allegedly claimed that "any time a foreign citizen contributed valuable information to a campaign, this was illegal." But if some people did say this, and if they truly believe that foreign citizens contributing information to a campaign is illegal, then that argument should still apply in this case, even if the document wasn't prepared at the explicit request of the Clinton campaign.

I'd be interested to see the claims that he's talking about, though.

The Clinton campaign paid an American law firm (Perkins-Cole), which hired an American research firm (Fusion GPS) to research the Trump campaign, particularly (as it turned out) its violations of laws prohibiting certain types of collusion with foreign agencies. Fusion GPS employed at least one foreign national (Steele) who worked on this assignment. There is nothing even remotely illegal, immoral, or wrong here, except as the information gathered may prove highly illicit activities on the part of Republican operatives, up to and including Trump, his associates and appointees, and various elected Republicans who conspired to cover up Russian cash infusions and disinformation campaigns to influence opinion and elections in their favor.