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The thing I remember most about the trial was when the detective said that he played a trick on Zimmerman, stating that the entire altercation had been caught on a security camera. Typically, he said, a guilty person will reel a bit and begin to slowly walk back their story. An innocent person will be overcome with relief, ostensibly because their accurate telling of events will be proven by video evidence.

According to the detective, Zimmerman was overcome with relief.

A couple questions though.

1. Is Zimmerman still a "white Hispanic", or is he just white now?

2. Isn't racism, in the absence of some obvious indicator (uttering a racial slur, for example), an unfalsifiable crime of the mind that can't possibly be defended against? Like a cop of pulling over a person who happens to be black and saying it's a racist stop. The cop cannot possibly prove he's not a racist.

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