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Originally Posted by clairobscur View Post
Of course you don't have an issue with me criticizing the UK. You never have an issue with putting blame on a group or on members of a group that you have categorized as oppressors. What you have consistently an issue with is putting the blame for anything, criticizing in any way, or disputing the claims for any reason of a group that you have categorized as oppressed.

The problem arises when you have two oppressed groups, with competing claims, at which point you play favorite, and deny that the oppressed group you favor most could be wrong in any way while skilfully avoiding to say that the oppressed group you favor less isn't right, and trying to deflect the blame entirely towards an oppressor group passing by.

I'm sure that you'll be willing to say that a 1920 Palestinian Arab had good reasons to feel wronged. But only as long as the 1920 Jewish immigrant will be kept exempt of any kind of criticism, and the blame will be entirely put on the shoulder of some 1920 British official.

The British government didn't force Jews to emigrate to Palestine. And it didn't come up suddenly with the idea of establishing a Jewish homeland in Palestine and proposed it to Jews, who then answered : "It never occured to us, but what a great idea!". Jews tried hard to establish this homeland. You can't blame solely the British as if Zionists had absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with what happened, and no responsibility altogether for what happened.

And you keep presenting them solely as helpless and desperate victims forced by the circumstances. Ignoring that, besides fear, they were, like other Europeans of this era, motivated by nationalism and the idea that as a people, they were entitled to a homeland. And that, like other Europeans of this era, they couldn't give a shit about the colonized populations.
None of this really addresses our challenges anything I wrote, so I'll leave it alone. I don't think I've criticized the Palestinians as a group in this entire thread.
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