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Originally Posted by clairobscur View Post
Iran backs al-Qaeda and the Talibans????

Ok, maybe I'm not up to date, but Iran was the first country to actively fight the Talibans and provide support to the Afghan opposition when the USA, for instance, was all too happy to let Pakistan give them support. It was the only country concerned about them and doing something about them when everybody else was ignoring them (that is, until 9/11).

If Iran now supports the Talibans and Al Qaeda, then it's a 180 turn in their policies.
Yeah politics can do this.

Right before 9/11 Iran and the Afghan taliban were at odds and Iran was considering invading. Only Iran has had a poor history of waging war. Look at the 10 year war with Iraq that accomplished nothing. Plus they knew the trouble the USSR had so they were reluctant to invade Afghanistan.

Then comes 9/11 and the Taliban is everyones enemy. Iran supports the US invasion and even offers its air bases.

Then the US wins, then goes into Iraq - taking out another enemy of Iran. But now they have US backed governments on both sides so they start giving aid to the Taliban.

Yes, things swing and change.