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QuickSilver and NAF,

I know you probably hate my ass, but I wanted to ask you a question in all seriousness and candor. In you experience, do Jews view themselves as a religion, or do you/they view themselves as a "race"? I think it's an important question that can maybe inform my own opinions.

I realize that I might dismiss the idea of Jews as a "race," but if Jews view themselves as a race, then maybe what I think has to be, well, modified in a sense. I'm sorry to be bugging you with bizarro questions late at night.

I know I use the term "Zionists" a lot. In my mind, there is a distinction between "Zionist" and "Jew" but if you could explain to me why there isn't a distinction, I will absolutely consider it. I promise. I'm not anti-Jew, I promise.

Maybe there's something I'm not understanding.