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Can I buy oscypek (smoked Polish cheese) in the US?

If not, why not?

I'll be in Chicago for several days, about a month from now, and I'm determined to get my mitts onto some oscypek. But googling - even in Polish - has turned up zero sources for the spindle shaped, elaborately carved, smoked, sheep's milk based deliciousness.

I assume import regulations are cock-blocking me, but does anyone know the details?

Or another angle: I'll be in the epicenter of Polish-American society, and I can read the language & speak it pretty fluently. I'm also very familiar with the concept of "cwaniak" which has no good translation into English but connotes a cavalier disregard for rules made by The Man esp. if there's some profit in it for you, as long as you don't get caught, of course.

Perhaps someone has clandestine knowledge of a deli tucked into a hidden corner somewhere, and a secret knock or password lets them know I'm here to buy the good stuff?

Since oscypek isn't sold on Amazon, should I assume there's no official source for it in the U.S. at all? (I am not averse to unofficial sources, if someone's babcia is flying in to visit from The Old Country soon.)

Please don't make me go all Martha Stewart and try to make the stuff at home myself.
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