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I stopped by the Shop & Save on Central & Archer that I mentioned before, but they do not have oscypek right now. There's usually a cooler near the deli that has a selection of imported Highlander foods, but that's been replaced with a cooler of prepared meals. I looked in the cheese section, and they do have gołka, which is a pretty much a cow-milk-only version of oscypek ($9.39 for a first-sized portion). But no oscypek currently. So definitely call around to ask.

ETA: Oh, as for the gołka, I did check the ingredients to see if there was any mention of rennet. The original English/Polish ingredients list did not even mention rennet, but the sticker on top in English listed "microbiology rennet," which I assume is microbial rennet, which would be okay for Bo if he's looking for something oscypek-adjacent.

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