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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
Then how would you feel about restricting sales of flavored products to vaping stores only (which like liquor stores have more to lose by breaking the law) and not allowing that form factor to come flavored? (In addition to the items you have already listed as being fine with.)

Yes, SamualA, in fact we must think of the children. Very seriously we must. Child safety caps for example may be an inconvenience to adults but it was decided that adults are not entitled to having a default of them not being there. And I'd argue with a gun owner who feels entitled to leave a loaded weapon in his nightstand with kids in the house that he should not be entitled to do so. I have argued with nurses who work with sick children that they are not entitled to not get various vaccines including the flu shot. There are, or at least should be, limits to adult entitlements.
Hell, you want to restrict convince stores from selling tobacco products entirely, that's fine with me. I like the guys at the tobacco/vape shop, and they wouldn't mind the business.

But yeah, kids are going to get drugs if they want drugs. I stole cigarettes from my parents, I got older friends to buy them for me, I "knew" the shops in my town that didn't card.

Kids are not taking up vaping because of cherry cheesecake flavor. They are taking up vaping because they want to alter their mental state with drugs. Whether self medication is a wise idea or not, that is the reason. They are not happy with how their mind feels, and they want to change that. People used to take up smoking all the time, and there were no "child" flavors then.

So, while I have no problem whatsoever with doing what we can to prevent the sale of nicotine products to kids, we might want to start looking into what causes these kids to desire to self medicate, rather than futility try to prevent kids from getting hold of the medication that they desire, as that is close to futile.