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Originally Posted by RitterSport View Post
Well, maybe you could find a video or something, but my impression is that the Amazon fires may be getting more coverage than they need to (apparently, this isn't even the biggest year for fires), but the coverage I've read has accurately portrayed the problems with the fire.

TV news is even worse for science coverage than print news is, of course.
I think it's getting more coverage because the new president of Brazil has rolled back a lot of the environmental legislature, and basically the fires this year are not just happening...they are caused by humans deliberately setting them in efforts to basically grab the land for use by cattle grazing and away from the indigenous, and using the new legislative conditions (or lack there of) to do so. Couple that with the already high levels of Amazon deforestation and you have a real issue that is having a serious impact.

As to the OP, I don't know what the exact figure is, but the main problem I know of isn't with oxygen but with moisture in the air. Rain forests create a lot of the 'rain' part of that equation, and the Amazon actually creates a lot of weather just by its existence and operation, including a lot of the moisture we get in the north. This is all being disrupted by the extensive cutting and burning for clearing out the land for other use (cattle basically). And this leaves aside the indigenous peoples that live there...just the environmental impact is huge. Whether it is in fact 20% of the oxygen is beside the point that it's a major environmental issue that is being allowed to expand (it was already happening) due to the current government in Brazil (who seems to be using our own president as a model for how things should be run).

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