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Originally Posted by QuickSilver View Post
Do you ever read past the first paragraph? You should, because it says:

IOW, "You were told NO, now quit your whining".

Additionally, it's become clear to me that engaging with you in these discussions really is, "pointless and stupid".
I dont see how in any way that paragraph invalidates what I was saying. Heller said reasonable limitations are Ok, and that seems to be a reasonable limitation.

You do know that " assault weapons
and large capacity magazines " is not the same at all as "semi-automatic rifle". Altho true, assault weapons are all semi-automatics, there are many, many guns which are semi-automatics that are not assault weapons and do not have a large capacity magazine. So you saying that that case somehow made your statement of "No civilian has any legitimate use for an automatic or semi-automatic rifle." correct is false. (Not to mention you obviously didnt know that civilians havent really been able to own automatic weapons for some tome now).

It's like the government banning street racing cars and you saying that means they banned all cars with 8 cylinder engines. Or that they banned heroin and that means they banned aspirin also. Both are painkillers, right?

Please educate yourself.