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Originally Posted by ThelmaLou View Post
Again, NOT the point! If he gave a rat's ass about conservation, he could have just donated the money. Yes, the deer population can get out of control, so hunting deer CAN be good for the deer population. (My late husband was a hunter all his life and our freezer was usually full of venison.) The population of an ENDANGERED SPECIES does not need to be culled.

"Good for conservation efforts"? Bullshit.
I realize this isn't great debates but do you have a cite for your statement that the population of an endangered species doesn't need to be culled? I agree that it seems counter intuitive, but I'm not an expert on wildlife management of any kind let alone when it comes to rhinos. And, yes, trophy hunting is good for conservation efforts. I'm pretty sure this isn't what motivated the dude to hunt but so what?
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