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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
I know. While it shouldn't have to be this way, why can't the democrats dig up a tall, charismatic white male* who's young enough to still be decent looking. Someone who's a military veteran with a clean record and no scandals, who's still married to his first wife and known to be faithful.

Who has been seen on video shooting firearms and isn't for taking them away. Basically, a candidate with the maximum chance of getting votes, especially from elderly people who might otherwise vote for Trump because they would rather vote for a white con-man than a black lady.

Surely the Democrats have someone inoffensive they can dig up from their stable?

Hell, wouldn't Tom Hanks fit most of these criteria?

*again, before the inevitable accusations of racism/sexism: it isn't right but I think it would be better for the country to have a "conventional" President than 4 more years of the cheeto.
That kind of candidate will get no media exposure in today's age.

Steve Bullock and Michael Bennet are probably the closest to being the inoffensive, mild-mannered, middle of the road candidate who can appeal to less urban areas but they have no traction because there's nothing about them that sparks publicity.

Like it or nor, politics now is entertainment.