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Originally Posted by harmonicamoon View Post
Last night President López Obrador gave the traditional shout "Viva Mexico". This happened in the Zocalo in Mexico City. In front of maybe hundreds of thousands of spectators. And not one person made an attempt on his life. Maybe because arms are not readily available here. Maybe because Obrador is popular here. But there was not one lunatic who fired a shot or exploded a bomb.

Could this have happened in the USA, with Donald Trump speaking? Obviously that many people couldn't have passed through a metal detector. Regardless if you agree or disagree with Trump, isn't it likely that there would be at least one lunatic that would want to become famous and make an attempt on his life?
Trump has been holding re-election campaign rallies before thousands of people more than once a month since the month he was inaugurated and no one has attempted to assassinate him at any of those rallies. (And he always says something similar to "viva Mexico" except pointed toward the U.S.A.)

I am not sure what prompted your question.

(I also do not support any effort to remove Trump extra-judicially, turning him into a "martyr" to those people who support him.)