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Originally Posted by Novelty Bobble View Post
Which is clearly a suggestion by me regarding what I think is a better way forward. It leaves the way open for the person in question to follow their conscience (or not) without compelling them to or damaging the concept of wider diplomatic privileges. I think it is a sound compromise.
I'm sure the reason it doesn't work that way is that it would be easy for a foreign government to hold sufficient leverage over a person to make them waive and travel back. The prosecuting government could say, e.g., go home, then waive and come back or we will lock up/execute all of your friends here.

I do think waiver by the diplomat's country should be considered for serious intentional crimes, and part of the consideration should be whether the justice system is one we consider fair, and specifically that the person will likely get a fair trial. (And not, for example, bear the brunt of disapproval of the administration, so that a jury might convict them out of bias, or to send a message.)

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