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Originally Posted by Bone View Post
All of your posts in this thread have been off topic, and seemingly steering towards what seems to be your preferred topic. You're welcome to discuss that, in an appropriate thread. This is not that thread.

Do no post in this thread again.

You see no connection at all? Really? Or you just really need to get what I'm saying offa your little "discussion" board here. Straight Dope? Really?

And anyway, here's the full post you can't handle:

"(perhaps flawed)"?
Definitely gaslighting. We can't even ID our own corruption any more.

"With the current administration? Who the hell knows?"
Oh its bound to come out against this sort of thing taking a principled stand against kleptocracy and kakistocracy, don't you think?

"All the US government has to do is mutter about "national security" or "national interests" and all hands are tied."
We the people's hands are never tied unless we refuse to challenge authority with all of our fweedumb. Just as the ruling aristocracy gets away with Jeffie Epstein's pimping to its penchant for pedophilia, so can they skate on this as we do nothing but watch and post and feel oh so sorry someone died; here, have some thoughts and prayers. La dee dah, another day in america.

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