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Originally Posted by JohnT View Post
There's enough threads about Trump and Giuliani working to destroy American sovereignty on the Federal level, but I thought that participants in this thread would be interested to know that the same foreign agents are working on the State level as well.
Honestly dude, I'm not surprised.

On topic, say what you will about Florida ballots, know that all of us kids these days know how to fill out a Scantron. You can't pass first grade without filling out Scantrons. We've made great strides in our electoral system, at least on the technological side. Administration? Eh.

I hope my county has its #@%$ together next year. My new elections supervisor... he's something else. He "has a long and proven history of contempt for the common voter" as I remember my local newspaper put it. I think we were sued for violating the Voting Rights Act last year. I wonder how that turned out.