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Originally Posted by JohnT View Post
This Ukraine thing has nothing to do with Mueller, but thanks for trying to conflate the two issues.
Oh, I fear you have missed my point completely.

I'm not conflating Ukraine with Russia. My point is that Trump was already well on his way to engaging in new criminal behavior with Ukraine long before Mueller had even concluded his report on Trump's past criminal behavior with Russia, and before any other result from Mueller's report occurred. For this reason, to attribute Trump being emboldened by Mueller's ultimate performance is idiotic.

Originally Posted by JohnT View Post
The obvious fact that Trump was emboldened by Mueller's testimony was cited earlier in this thread, er, bolded above.

Here's some more, as you seem to be confused on this issue:

Trump: Mueller's congressional testimony was 'a great day for me'

Trump claims victory in wake of Mueller testimony

Trump, after Mueller testimony to House, says Republican Party had good day

To read the news articles from that day, the line from the reaction to Mueller's testimony to the call the very next day is evident.

Yes, you are correct - this Ukrainian deal was going on prior to July 25th. But due to Mueller's testimony, Trump thought he was in the clear and started openly doing that which was previously clandestine. And so a bunch of people who weren't in the know suddenly came into the know, and alarm bells were rung.

I'm stunned that this obvious sequence of events is even being questioned, to be honest. The entire reason this Ukraine thing blew up is because Trump thought he was legitimized by Mueller's testimony.
And you attribute all of the above to Mueller, nothing to do with Barr? Ok, then. That is where you and I will forever disagree. And I don't think it's me who is confused.