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My primary problem with Mueller ISN’T that he didn’t come down harder on Trump. My issue at this time is that he didn’t push harder to communicate the extent and seriousness of the Russian election interference in general.

If anything, the focus on Trump detracted from the other, more important issues regarding Russian interference. Because the special prosecutor’s investigation DID look into the mechanics of the vast election interference machine. And he laid it all out.

And then he forgot about it. The investigation was written off as an insignificant sham from the right because no one “got Trump”. The left cried foul because no one “got Trump”.

No one paid any attention to what they did get. And now I’m watching TV. There is a congressional hearing happening. And the subject of election interference is key to these hearings. And there are lots of people claiming that Ukraine helped Clinton and the Democrats frame Russia in order to steal an election. This narrative is the product of Russian disinformation and it’s gaining traction.

This narrative is dangerous to the national security of this country and the security of the world. I found the testimonies of our national security advisers very compelling, especially as these Russia and Eastern European experts described the pervasive intrusion of their computers and communications that they constantly deal with. Yet, just now, some Republican said something to the effect of Ukrainian interference to be just as bad as the Russian interference.

What did the Ukrainians do to politically hurt Trump? Well, apparently when candidate Trump proposed giving the Crimean peninsula to Russia, a government official wrote an Op-Ed strongly disagreeing with that position.

It’s like we never paid our taxpayer dollars to investigate the interference. And the silence from those investigators is deafening. And I kind of wonder why the DOJ and private citizen Mueller aren’t defending the results of their investigation. Actually, I know why the DOJ isn’t, because Barr is corrupt. But I think Mueller is in a unique position with regards to having full and complete knowledge of the mechanics of Russian interference and his silence is deafening.