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Originally Posted by Senegoid View Post
It's actually about ANY expensive device that fails because some cheap-ass 10-cent part breaks and you can't get replacements any more.
I have a double-oven in my house, and the electronics controls part above the unit has a fan in the back to keep the electronics from overheating. Three or four years ago, one of the five blades of that plastic fan broke off, which made an unbearably loud noise when running. The oven was installed in 1992, and every place I looked had no parts available. I tried to balance the fan by trimming blades on the opposite side and adding weight, but it wasn't perfect so it was still pretty loud (the off-balance fan rattled sheet metal so it was like it was amplified).

So then I had the idea of just searching for a fan, not necessarily related to this model of oven. I carefully measured the diameter of the whole fan, and the diameter of the hole for the shaft. Within just a couple of minutes I found the exact part. When I received it, every little marking on the new fan was identical to the old one - I think they were made by the exact same plastic mold.

So maybe you could find this plastic ring and wheels that fit your microwave, but were made for a different model.