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The military would have absolutely no chance against the zombies in dawn of the dead.

The main reason they would fail is because they would not recognize what was happening until a very large number of people were zombies, and by then there would be no hope of saving humanity.

Remember, the zombies are everywhere, and they only have to kill people to "win". Everyone they kill becomes a zombie that kills more people.

The military is NOT everywhere, and they have to protect a significant number of people who don't know how to fight and have no way to defend against them, otherwise they lose.

Eventually, the fuel stops flowing for those personell carriers and the bullets run out for those machine guns. It takes more bullets to kill a zombie than it takes to kill a person, and a significant portion of the world's military strength has already been killed in their beds or at the grocery store.

In short, zombies beat the shit out of you, me, and the combined strength of all the militaries of the world.