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Humans would survive, but civilization as we know it would end.

The zombies were quick and dangerous, but not too bright. The characters in the movie could have killed hundreds at the mall with the simple expedient of duct-taping a screwdriver to a length of PVC and just poking them in the head. Zombies didn't look like they were too big on 'self-preservation'.

Not to mention, once an area was 'sanitized', I presume it would be fairly safe, especially if it were out in the boonies. The (new) movie doesn't touch on the source of the zombification, but it's not like it's going to be spontaneous; Once you are away from the zombies, you should be safe (safer, at least.)

My question would be: How long before nukular reactors start wigging out? I presume they (at least the older ones) need regular human intervention. Take away the humans, and couldn't we be looking at meltdowns?