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Originally Posted by Anise View Post
I just happened to see this... but if you can't find anyone at your price point, it would be worthwhile to at least see what you end up with using image trace in Adobe Illustrator, experimenting with settings, and tweaking what you get (if you haven't done that yet, and it sounds like you have not.) You really don't need to be an expert at all to get some great results. I'm not sure which online site you mean, but you won't get the same results you would by spending a short time on the project in Illy. If you have a friend who has Adobe CC and will let you spend some time on it, you might be surprised at the results. Good luck!
Actually, I had gone the tracing route. I used to do pre-press work, and I'm quite the accomplished logo tracer. Unfortunately, the starting image was such low resolution that my feeble drawing skills weren't up to the task, and tracing just resulted in a blobby mess.

Thanks everyone for their help in this matter. I have found an artist to render the logo to my liking.