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Originally Posted by BobLibDem View Post
The Federalist Papers have no particular significance and quoting them doesn't prove anything. I don't care if the omniscient founders didn't like standing armies, we have one now. To think that the citizens could stand up militarily to government troops is insanity. Maybe in the age of muskets, but not in the days of night vision and drones. The states have their own well regulated militia, it's called the National Guard. If you're not serving in the Guard, you have no particular right to any weaponry.
It 'proves', or at least gives insight into their intent and what they were thinking. You ignore it because it doesn't say what you want it to say, which is that the intent was for a militia and therefore private citizens don't have a right to keep and bear arms (i.e. it's not a personal right but just an extension of being in the militia).

Whether a militia is still necessary or not is, of course, debatable. I'd say we DO have such a force, as you indicated, the National Guard as well as the various reserve formations filling that role. Obviously, today, we don't need to have our militia/reserve forces armed from their own pockets, so for sure that part of the 2nd is an anachronism. Sadly for you, this means nothing, as the personal right to keep and bear arms doesn't require the militia part, unless one ignores the actual intent of the authors...which is what you and those on your side have been trying to do for ages now. Basically, reinterpret the right out of existence, since you can't, you know, actually do it using the process we actually have to get rid of amendments. Much easier to just reinterpret it to mean what you want and then bob's your uncle, no more pesky right.

That's what happens when you let rednecks play with anti-matter!