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Originally Posted by Cheesesteak View Post
And I agree with BobLibDem that citizens with rifles are no match for the modern military. It was different when everyone was armed with muzzle loaders. Today, even the most heavily armed civilian compound can fend off the government only because the government isn't actually trying to kill the citizens.
You say that, but I'd argue that Iraq, Afghanistan and any number of other insurgencies and asymmetrical wars say otherwise.

Beyond that, I always read the 2nd Amendment as not only being a hedge against tyranny by allowing the common man to be armed as part of what's called the "unorganized militia", but that it's also the Constitutional underpinning of the National Guard (the actual organized militia).

The fact that somewhere around half of the nation's ground combat power is part of the National Guard is a powerful hedge against tyranny, as there aren't any guarantees that they'd just blindly agree to be federalized if strange stuff was going down.