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Originally Posted by Kearsen1 View Post
How many of those fellows in the standing army do you think would support the cause of getting rid of the guns?
I'd bet 80% of them are staunch 2nd amendment advocates ...
Good for them.

I assume you wrote this because you thought it was relevant to what I said?!?

The relevant question would be how many of those fellows in the standing army would support whatever cause had led me to pick up my weapons and ammunition, me thinking, at the time, that what I was lending my support to was in the nation's best interest?

I genuinely (as opposed to disingenuously) think that some of the time they would support that same cause, even if the structural organization claiming to be "the United States of America" was no longer on the same side. But more often, not.

Originally Posted by Lumpy View Post

Why, why, why, why, WHY do some people insist that a pro-gun interpretation of the Second Amendment would mean that any tiny band of yahoos can rebel against the government? They can try, certainly, but they'll be heavily outvoted by lots of other people with guns
I can't speak for "some people", only for myself. I've always assumed that the most important legitimate reason for the populace to remain armed is to protect ourselves from the force most likely to infringe upon our freedom. That would be our own government. See for example the events leading up to the document of 7/4/1776.

Don't assume I'm baiting you, or even that I'm anti-2nd amendment / pro-gun control. I often think the ideal world would be one in which every person on the planet held the ability to turn said planet into a cinderball at will. Be that as it may, I wouldn't want that power handed over to us all overnight. People are as they are (including mindset) in part because of our lack of power.