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Originally Posted by Manda JO View Post
Also, it's worth noting that a great pass rate doesn't always mean it's a better teacher. A greater % of kids in AP Physics pass than the % of students that pass my AP English class--but my absolute number is much higher, because I take them all and he takes the top half. So which one of us is more successful?
Also worth noting, AP scoring is a 1 to 5 scale. Some colleges won't take AP credit at all. Some will only take 5s, others will take 3s. I think a 3 is considered passing, if you are bothering to look, you might want to evaluate not just the pass rate, but the overall distribution of scores. So there is a lot of statistical analysis to tell a whole story.

Me, I'd look for a good fit for my kids. My kids were different kids - I wish the high school would have had more trade type classes and been more focused on the trades being an acceptable post high school path for my son. At the same time, I wish they would have had more support for my college bound youngest - who left high school with enough credits to be a college sophomore - AP credits, dual enrollment credits - and no support their non-neurotypicalness, no college counseling to help choose a school, and no clue how to write a research paper. It is a good school on paper, but the reality of the school for my own kids was much weaker than the paper experience.