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Dispatches from the War On Christmas:

Under pressure from Jews, Amazon has taken down a seller listing featuring Nazi concentration camp-themed Xmas ornaments.

And not content with that, the holiday-spoilers are taking aim at another fine product, the Massacre Auschwitcz (sic) Birkenau Jewish death mousepad.

The glad tidings of the season are dimmed by this outrageous censorship.

By the way, this was what prompted the comment on Omar's flip-flopping:
In a written explanation for her ("present") vote, Omar said that the recognition of genocide and mass atrocities should be done outside politics and “based on academic consensus,” a phrase that Armenian rights groups say Turkish deniers use to sow doubt.

“Rep. Omar's suggestion that there is no ‘academic consensus’ effectively denies the Armenian Genocide,” said Aram Hamparian, executive director of the Armenian National Committee of America. “It basically takes a page from the Turkish Embassy's denial playbook.”

Omar’s office, on Thursday, sought to clarify that the congresswoman was stating she believes there is academic consensus on the fact that the genocide happened, emphasizing that her vote was a protest of the House using the genocide as a “political cudgel.”