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Originally Posted by Chisquirrel View Post
Like was said earlier, a tortured reading of her actual words and implications.
"Tortured readings" are vital to constructing conspiracy theories. Torture some words; invent linkages to other tortured words; these misconstructions and phony connections to other misconstructions are now "facts" upon which more layers of bullshit evidence can be built. Omar has it easy so far; Lisa Page seems a more tortured victim of the process. AFAIK Tramp hasn't yet called out any names of The Squad when faking orgasms at rallies. (See the cite.) Or maybe he has, but no media thought it worth mentioning. Whose names did he scream-out on the Pee Tape?

I'll be impressed astounded when/if GOPs get teary-eyed over the genocides of Roma (gypsies).