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Originally Posted by edwardcoast View Post
The bigger issue is, that the entire crash could have been avoided if the pilot refused to fly because of weather and others were advised not to do so. I seriously doubt that if Kobe Bryant wasn't part of this group, the flight would have never taken off considering the weather conditions.
Actually, the difference would be that if no celebrity was aboard we would have heard a lot less about this crash, if we heard about it at all.

This thread is about an accident that happened at my home airport 17 years ago. While many details differ (fixed wing, not SVFR, others) it is another accident that occurred due to pilot hubris and dumbass decisions that wound up getting both the pilot and several other people killed. But most people never heard about it because no one famous or particularly important was involved.

These accidents happen every year. They aren't very common, but they do happen. It's sad regardless of whether or not anyone famous was on board.