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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
I basically agree with this. The 1996-98 version of the Bulls in particular were a very versatile, very athletic group of interchangeable players. There's a reason the 1996 team won 72 games. The Warriors explosiveness on offense from 2015-19 was influenced a lot by Kerr's (a Jackson pupil) adapted use of the triangle offense. Jordan and Pippen, both of whom could run up and down the floor, would have fit right into the new era just fine. I do wonder how big men like Shaquille O'Neal would have factored, though, in this kind of wide-open game.
Shaq was damn quick. There are a lot of really really big guys walking around in the world, but you can't just put a jersey on them and expect 28 points a game.

I mean, if nothing else, you have to admit today's teams would have to make major adjustments to guard a man like that, because they couldn't have as many guys attacking the perimeter. Shaq presents a defensive problem in any system.

Dumars in particular was really, really good at attacking Jordan's strengths. He couldn't stop him, but he slowed him down. Jordan still made Jordanesque shots, but the percentage fell. When Jordan became better at distributing the ball and when he had other players who were comfortable stepping up and making plays, that's when the Bulls turned the corner.
Back in the 2000s I had a customer in the Detroit area. Joe Dumars was brought onto the board of directors; he was already in some business interests, so it wasn't a full time gig. According to the guys running the company day-to-day, everyone figured Dumars was a little celebrity flair they'd brought in for PR purposes. They figured wrong. He showed up on a regular basis, and he had questions, and expected answers, and by everyone's account was one of the smartest humans they'd ever met and helped the company get better.
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