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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
My group is six players, and we generally find ourselves having less than the recommended number of resource-draining encounters per day (we're considering tweaking the rest rules to increase that). So we'll probably need to aim for the hard end.
Double deadly is a good rule of thumb.

On the other hand, two of the players, well, let's just say that they do best with mechanically-simple characters (though they'll have help for character creation).
I'm not sure exactly what you mean with mechanically simple characters - 5e is not like 3/3.5/Pathfinder. Single class characters and characters with a straightforward 1-3 level dip are generally the most effective, not complicated mixes of various classes and prestige classes. People online like to make all kinds of weird builds, but these A. Often depend on really absurd rule interpretations and/or B. Do one neat trick really well once or twice per day if circumstances all like up. Some classes are mechanically difficult to play (Wizard with their spell list and Druids with that plus wild shape come to mind), but there are plenty that are effective without needing to do much complicated in game. If you are really just euphemising for people who don't play very well overall, then yeah that's a thing. But if it's people who don't do good at complex 3/3.5 style characters and abilities with complex interactions, they really aren't as bad off in 5e.

For example, I made a character for a friend of mine who's completely new to the game. Mechanically, she is a variant human Ancestral Guardians barbarian with Maxed STR, plus good con and dex and the Great Weapon master feat, with all levels in barbarian. (That's all you need to build the character). Her standard combat action is to rage, rush the nearest enemy, and recklessly attack, using GWM if they're not heavy-armored-looking a not otherwise. Then she just keeps running around chopping things until they're dead or something takes her out of the fight. It's not quite as simple as you can get, but it's a sequence that you can easily write down on an index card and repeat if you can't remember it. She's also a very effective character, who's hard to kill, helps keep enemies from hurting party members, and does a ton of damage.